more than 40 years of leadership

In TESEIN we have more than 40 years of leadership in the development of comprehensive and customized projects regarding firefighting security both at an industrial and naval level.


Throughout this time we have grown as organization, keeping as an essential pillar a wide disposal of technical and human means, constantly improving and through whom we could develop our work from a global perspective, covering all the aspects related with the design, assembly and maintenance of firefighting systems.


A highly qualified human team and the firm commitment for I+D+I have made it possible for us to respond efficiently to the technological challenge and also to the protection needs of the most diverse areas, in strict compliance with all legislative requirements.




technical and human resources


qualified human team


customer support


we take care of the environment

Quality and customer service, as inalienable principles of action, have placed us in a reference position concerning firefighting protection and pressure equipments for many national and international companies in such fields as energy, chemical, timber, food and agriculture, pharmaceutical, shipping and automotive among others, as well as for the public administrations.


The great challenge we set ouselves to the new rules of the market, is to value all these principles, as a competitive advantage and guarantee towards our clients. In this way, we assume that the reliability and prestige of their establishments are fundamental.


To do so, we’ll make every effort to prepare and improve all their processes, in order to guarantee their total security, satisfaction and besides, to be able to overcome the external audits as evidenced by the certifications and accreditations obtained from them.


In order to secure the right use of their establishments, our experts in risk prevention will train your personnel in the handling of equipments and firefighting systems, reducing the risk of an accident and contributing with the optimization of your business activity. Our aim is to guarantee your tranquility. 


The commitment to the environment is also part of our company philosophy. The development of our activities is linked to the most respectful environment technology applications. We take the responsibility of the waste management and also make a rational use of the energy and resources, reducing the environmental impact in every service.


Definitely, our services are supported by more than 40 years experience, during which we have developed many varied and great projects, in different industrial sectors, where the tranquility and reliability of our clients have been the reference of a well performed work.