TESEIN maintains a maximum commitment to integrity and transparency in decision making, with ethics at the center of our business model.


Our values ​​define our path and that is why all the decisions we make are based on these values:



Working ethically, complying with legislation and with complete transparency is the basis of our business, we promote respect for human rights and justice.



We seek excellence in those areas where we act by creating value and maintaining high quality standards in our products and services.


Team spirit

We work as a team to achieve better results for the company; building genuine and trustworthy relationships with our employees, clients, customers and collaborators.



Committed to the objective of improving the quality of life of current and future generations.

our commitments

TESEIN assumes sustainable development and people’s well-being as one of the basic premises for the success of our business project.

Ethical and conduct commitment

The code of ethics and conduct reflects our ethical commitment to act, in accordance with the principles and standards of conduct that are defined there, these being keys to the integrity of our project, projecting who we are and how we act as a company. The entire organization should know the mission and values ​​contained in this code, assuming them and using them as guidelines and behavioural guides


TESEIN maintains a maximum commitment to environment protection through continuous improvement and prevention in all its activities, processes and relationships with employees, customers, clients, suppliers and other operators involved in its management.


Likewise, TESEIN expresses a constant concern for the rational use of natural resources, the reduction of energy consumption and the minimization, reuse and recycling of its industrial waste.


This commitment includes the approach of going beyond the legal compliance by using the best available techniques, providing the necessary resources whenever possible.


TESEIN participates in a proactive and positive way in the behavior of the interested parties with whom it interacts, employees, clients and suppliers mainly, promoting their adoption of responsible policies towards the environment.


TESEIN places special emphasis on training and environmental awareness of its staff, providing, for this, the most efficient and appropriate means.

Commitment to the Quality of services, the Well-being of people and the Environment

TESEIN considers the following aspects to be the basic and essential pillars for the development of its business project:


To seek excellence in the quality of its services and the application of good practices during the execution of processes and the final product / service, fulfilling the commitments we assume with our clients


Actively promote innovation, eco-efficiency and the progressive reduction of environmental impacts in the activities carried out by the company.


Guarantee a safe work environment for all the people in the organization promoting and contributing to safe and healthy conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and deterioration of health.


As a sign of this commitment, TESEIN has an Integrated Management System for Quality, Safety and Health at Work and the Environment as a tool to optimize and control its processes, according to the standars: UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015, UNE-EN-ISO 45001: 2018 and UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2015 respectively.


Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental Policy

general contracting conditions

General contracting conditions for suppliers and subcontractors

Obligations that any company that wishes to work for TESEIN must fulfill.
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Quality and Environment

Documentary requirements regarding quality and the environment
The documentary requirements to be fulfilled by the suppliers and subcontractors that work for TESEIN in terms of quality and the environment are defined.
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Health and Safety

Documentary requirements regarding Health and Safety for subcontractors
The mandatory documentary requirements in matters of Health and Safety are established for compliance with current regulations as well as specific requirements of TESEIN
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